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Mexican Blue Agave, fermented and distilled by us in Melbourne!

We've blended in our house-made citrus liqueur made with a juicy mix of seasonal citrus off-cuts (pink grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, blood orange etc.) which not only minimises wastage but makes it super simple for your Summer Margaritas, Palomas and Sunrises as you don't need to add any Triple Sec!



ABV 37%

Citrus Agave Spirit

  • Smooth and fruity with light citrus twist, our Citrus Agave spirit is seamless switch for Tequila in all your fave cocktaiks.

    Our failproof Margarita is a formula, rather than a recipe and there's endless variations only limited by your imagination! Check out our recipe page for some inspo...

    Shake up:
    60ml Citrus Agave Spirit
    15ml fresh lemon/lime juice (i.e. a punchy citrus) 
    30ml OJ/pineapple (i.e. a sweeter juice) 
    with ice + pour into a salt rimmed glass.

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