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The history of the Angel’s Share in Whisky dates back centuries to the Medieval era. During the aging process, spirit that evaporates into the air and perfumes the distillery was said to be an offering to the angels. Over the centuries, the Angel’s Share has become an important part of the Whisky making process, and at Imbue Distillery we certainly embrace it as an essential part of creating a truly exceptional spirit that requires the utmost time and patience. 


One of the first whiskies Mick ever made, approached with putting his years of artisan baking into a dram. A complicated mash bill of Chocolate, Biscuit, Voodoo, Schooner and Pilsners malts; multiple yeast types and varied fermentation temperatures. In essence, he went Rogue! Funnily enough though he labeled the barrel as “Rouge” and the editor-in-chief (Mel) clearly was chucking a sickie on label proof day!


Being so big and complex Rouge/Rogue has aged for just over five years in ex Victorian whisky barrels so its loud charisma has softened to a gentle buzz - just like Mick. 



ABV 47.2%

Angel's Share Whisky - Rouge

  • Nose: caramelized stone fruit, mahogany, burnt butter, spice

    Palate: pink pepper, Pain d’epice, treacle, dark fruit cake

    Finish: cocoa nibs, lingering Turkish coffee- bitter richness

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